Assalam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu,

Thanks for visiting the membership section of the Nigerian Canadian Muslim Congregation of Calgary (NCMCC) website. The membership of the NCMCC is open to all Nigerian Muslims and would-be Nigerian Muslims residing in Calgary and its environs. The congregation and its activities are based on the principles of Al-Islam and all members firmly believe that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah (SWT) and that Muhammad (PBUH) is Allah's Messenger and final Prophet. Family members are welcome at NCMCC meetings and events and special kids-focused programs run concurrently with most events.

Participation in NCMCC activities affords members the opportunity of continual remembrance of Allah. We hold regular monthly lectures, Athkhar, Qur’an recitation/Tafsir. While the main focus is on the spiritual development of the members, attendance at NCCMCC meetings and events also presents excellent opportunity to socialize with fellow Nigerian Muslims as well as Muslims of other Nationalities, who are regular guests during most of NCMCC programs. NCMCC also provides a convenient platform through which Nigerian Muslims interact with other Nigerians as well as other Muslims in the community. Members also cooperate with one another in both the spiritual and the social aspects of family socio-religious events such as Aqeeqah, Nikkah, house warming and special prayers.

Membership registration form is available here and options to pass it across to the secretary of the congregation includes (but not limited to):

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Nigerian CanadianMuslims Congregation, Calgary.   2nd Sundays of the month at
639 5th Avenue S.W. Suite 100                                  The Nigerian-Canadian House,
P.O. Box 1553 Stn. M                                                   319, 3132-26th Street N.E.
Calgary AB T2P 3B9.                                                    Calgary, Alberta (3pm to 6pm)

We look forward to welcoming you to the NCMCC congregation!



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