The NCMCC Building project is handled by the NCMCC Building Committee. This committee, chaired by the Naibul-Ameer is responsible for the maintenance of the Congregation's building, the renovation and improvements of the Congregation's properties, and for recommending suitable location for property acquisition, fund raising and building of facilities for the congregation. The committee is currently working on raising funds for acquisition of the congregation's first property, which will be an Islamic Centre that will serve all Muslims.

Activities of the Building Committee

Members of the building committee deliberated on how to source for funding to acquire a property for NCMCC. It was agreed upon that the outright purchase of a building was the best option, based on the difficulty in getting shariah-compliant financing for the NCMCC building, after contacting the few shariah-compliant finance organizations. The Building Committee agreed to an overall long-term target of $400,000 to be raised for this purpose,

Fund Raising for NCMCC Building

In August, 2012 the Building Committee launched an external fund-raising program aimed at raising funds from external sources, in order to achieve its overall fund-raising goal of $400,000 and complement the funds raised among the memebers. This is an on-going effort and is expected to significantly enhance the ability of the Building Committee to achieve its target more quickly. In addition, the newly revamped NCMCC website, with the facility to process credit card payments is expected to facilitate online donations from donors around the globe.

Donations toward NMCC Islamic Center can be conveniently made through the online donations link on our website Please click here or through our PayPal account (­). Please indicate "Building Fund" on all payments. In addition to donating online on our website or through Paypal, cheques (made payable to "Nigerian Canadian Muslims Congregation, Calgary") can be mailed to our address indicated below:


639 5th Avenue SW Suite 100,

P.O. Box 1553 STN M,

Calgary, AB T2P 3B9


We are seeking your help and assistance as we raise funds towards acquiring a building that will serve as a masjid / Islamic center. As indicated above, our goal is to raise a sum of $400,000 for this purpose. We rely on the support of Allah (SWT) through people like you to aid and promote the practice of Islam. We pray to Allah to reward you abundantly in this world, and most importantly, in the hereafter, amin.


Jazakumullahu khairan,

NCMCC Building Committee


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